Supporting the spread of Assess & Restore learnings

Date: November 23, 2015 Author: Mantis System Categories: November 2015

Moving into its second mandate, the RCA is targeting knowledge exchange as a key strategy to support the implementation of Assess & Restore initiatives across the LHINs.

The RCA has now developed a summary of 2014/15 Assess & Restore (A&R) initiatives including lessons learned, to support information-sharing and collaboration between initiatives.

Over the coming year, the RCA’s Assess and Restore/Frail Senior Medically Complex Task Group will continue to promote the five essential elements of A&R as well as the existing tools to support those elements. The group will also focus on assessing the impact of A&R on the target population and review and recommend quality of life outcome measures that will support a standardized evaluation of Assess & Restore initiatives.

Many Assess & Restore initiatives are implementing the RCA’s Direct Access Priority Process. This process and associated tools were developed during the RCA’s first mandate to support early identification of individuals with restorative potential who require inpatient rehabilitative care and to facilitate admissions directly from the community. The RCA continues to play a lead role in supporting LHINs that are implementing this process and in evaluating and revising the tools that were developed to support this direct access process.