RCA works with LHINs to review rehabilitative care programs

Date: November 23, 2015 Author: Mantis System Categories: November 2015

RCA definitions frameworks have set the provincial standard for rehabilitative care programs and services across the continuum of care. Now implementation begins.

The Definitions Framework for Bedded Levels of Rehabilitative Care and the Definitions Framework for Community-Based Levels of Rehabilitative Care were developed in the RCA's first mandate (2013-15) to define and describe the focus and clinical components of rehabilitative care programs. Applying the frameworks will help to establish a common understanding of rehabilitative care and consistency across LHINs in planning and organizing care.

LHINs are beginning that process with the help of two mapping tools developed by the RCA this summer. The Mapping Tool for Bedded Levels of Rehabilitative Care and the Mapping Tool for Community-Based Levels of Rehabilitative Care are helping LHINs review the programs and services they currently have, assess how well they align with the levels of rehabilitative care defined in the frameworks and determine what they will need to adjust. This mapping will be completed by December 2015. 

LHINs will then identify any challenges or barriers that need to be addressed in order to fully align programs with the definitions frameworks. The goal is full alignment by March 2017; however, not all LHINs may be able to achieve this goal. At the very least, by that time all LHINs are expected to adopt the eligibility criteria within the frameworks, categorize existing rehabilitative care resources/programs into levels of care, and develop a plan to achieve full alignment and communicate changes.

The RCA also developed a Rehabilitative Care Capacity Planning Framework in its first mandate to support LHINs in their planning activities once they have completed the mapping process and are ready to take additional steps towards capacity planning. The RCA will provide support to any LHINs who are ready to undertake this planning exercise.