Developing rehab pathways to support QBP handbooks

Date: November 23, 2015 Author: Mantis System Categories: November 2015

RCA working groups are laying the foundation for rehabilitative care pathways for total joint replacement and hip fracture quality-based procedures (QBPs).

The QBP Clinical Handbooks, released in 2013, include high-level recommendations for post-acute rehabilitative care, but do not include detailed information on best practices.

RCA working groups are identifying best and leading practices to inform the development of rehabilitative care pathways that will augment the handbooks. To date, the groups have completed a literature review and are reviewing other existing evidence. In addition, they are reviewing existing pathways in use across Ontario and in other provinces.

The working groups will ultimately recommend standardized rehabilitative models of care for both the primary total joint replacement and hip fracture populations. These models will include identifying optimal locations (bedded or community-based rehabilitation), transitions and processes of care and will support the implementation of QBP recommendations and achievement of QBP targets across the LHINs.