Outpatient data available for first time through provincial pilot

Date: November 23, 2016 Author: Mantis System Categories: November 2016

The RCA's outpatient/ambulatory pilot project is gathering data on outpatient/ambulatory rehabilitative care across the province. This marks the first time that significant data on outpatient rehabilitative services has been collected and will be reported and compared across sites and facilities. 

Twenty-six hospitals and community-based programs from across the province are participating in the pilot. To date they have gathered and submitted data in the four quadrants of the RCA's standardized minimum data set (MDS) for outpatient rehabilitative care using the following tools:

  • NACRS Clinic Lite (Access and Transition/Financial Performance): Over 2,300 records (visits) representing 166 patients have been reported by eight sites using NACRS Lite over the data capture period of March 1 to September 30, 2016. This was an interim data pull to allow the RCA to confirm the processes for extracting and analyzing data. A variety of patient populations and ages are represented. The data includes measures such as time from referral to first appointment, length of episode of care, number of visits, number of clinicians seen, etc. 
  • WatLX™ (Patient Experience): Data from over 500 patients at 25 sites has been gathered using the WatLX™ measure developed by researchers from the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University. The tool measures patient satisfaction with the quality of the care received. 
  • Community Rehab Assessment (Clinical Outcomes): Over 100 assessments representing 25 patients were conducted at 12 sites using the Community Rehab Assessment (CRA), a measure of functional outcomes developed by international InterRAI researchers. This tool allows clinicians to determine a patient's functional improvements in areas such as their ability to participate in activities of daily living, return to work, etc. 

The provincial pilot is a first step in enabling organizations to answer questions about the value of outpatient/ambulatory rehab services provided to patients in Ontario. Equally important, the pilot will provide important information on the value and feasibility of using these three tools to collect and report data. This will allow the RCA to make recommendations on data collection in the outpatient/ambulatory setting going forward. 

Data collection for the pilot will come to an end in early December for WatLX™ and CRA measures. Final date from NACRS Lite will be pulled at the end of November, however some sites may choose to continue to enter data and receive reports from CIHI. The RCA will release a report on the pilot in spring 2017.