LHINs make progress in capacity planning

Date: November 24, 2016 Author: Mantis System Categories: November 2016

Ontario's 14 LHINs continue to move toward a standardized approach to capacity planning for rehabilitative care services - and data and analysis provided by the RCA is playing a key role.

The LHINs are implementing the RCA Capacity Planning Framework, which is designed to support consistent capacity planning across the province and address issues such as bed utilization, and unmet and future need. With the support of the RCA, LHINs now have data for 12 of 16 key data elements contained in the Framework. 

The RCA was able to use data from InterlliHEALTH ONTARIO, Access to Care and the Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres. Data for the remaining four data elements will come from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. 

This marks the first time that rehabilitative care data to support capacity planning has been pulled across all LHINs using a consistent, standardized method and format. The data provides important insights on the current need for and utilization of rehab services. In addition to pulling the data, the RCA has provided the LHINs with some early analysis with additional analysis taking place as questions emerge. The RCA is also working with stakeholders to finalize a list of conditions that typically require rehabilitative services that could be used to help LHINs assess unmet need for rehab services in their communities.

When all of this data is combined with data on population trends, it will provide a clear picture of Ontario's rehabilitative care needs and allow LHINs to plan for rehabilitative services into the future.