Pilot to gather outpatient ambulatory data underway

Date: June 2, 2016 Author: Mantis System Categories: June 2016

The RCA has launched its provincial pilot of a data reporting system to gather standardized rehabilitative care data across outpatient/ambulatory rehabilitative care clinics.

This marks the first time that comparable, standardized data has been collected across outpatient/ambulatory rehabilitative care programs. It addresses a long-standing gap in data collection that prevents evaluation of the value of outpatient/ambulatory rehabilitative care and makes planning and evaluation difficult at the organizational, regional and system level. 

Programs across Ontario gathering data

A total of 26 hospital and community-based programs are participating in the pilot. Each program will collect data from one or more of the following quadrants of the standardized minimum data set (MDS) for outpatient rehabilitative care:

  • Access and Transition and Utilization quadrants (using NACRS Clinic Lite, reported to CIHI)
  • Patient Experience quadrant (using the WatLX™, a measure of patient experience developed by researchers from the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University)
  • Functional Impact quadrant (using the Community Rehab Assessment, a measure of functional outcomes developed by international InterRAI researchers)

The RCA has also established a partnership with ICES to assist with data analysis. ICES will conduct the data analysis for the four sites that are collecting data using all three tools. 

Data collection will take place through the summer and fall. The data analysis and final report will be completed in winter 2017.