RCA moves forward on benchmarks for system evaluation

Date: November 23, 2016 Author: Mantis System Categories: November 2016

The RCA has proposed the first pan-LHIN benchmarks to support standardized performance evaluation of rehabilitative care. The benchmarks were developed with the help of an RCA expert panel and will allow all LHINs to measure their performance against selected indicators found in the RCA's Rehabilitative Care System Evaluation Framework

The evaluation framework contains 39 indicators that measure the quality of the rehabilitative care system. As a first step in implementing the framework, the expert panel prioritized five indicators with the goal of establishing a benchmark for each. One indicator was subsequently dropped from the list, due to the limited amount of data available. 

Establishing the benchmarks

To develop the benchmarks for each indicator, the expert panel reviewed the evidence available in the literature and the current performance for that indicator across all LHINs over a three-year period.

Benchmarks were established for the two indicators selected in the "accessible" quality dimension:

  • Wait time for inpatient rehabilitative care: time from most recent discharge destination determined date to discharge date
  • Wait time for in-home rehabilitative care services: time from service authorization to first visit

A methodology was identified to create a benchmark (once data has been updated) for the indicator selected in the "safe" quality dimension:

  • Repeat ED visits for falls in the past 12 months per 100,000 people aged 65 years and older

The expert group determined that for the fourth indicator, performance was already high and there was little variability across the province. As a result, no benchmark was established for the selected indicator in the "effective" quality dimension:

  • Clients discharged home from bedded levels of rehabilitative care who were home prior to admission

A report on the four indicators, the proposed benchmarks and current LHIN performance against those benchmarks has now been circulated for feedback to stakeholders to ensure they agree on and support the benchmarks. 

The RCA is also gathering data, where it is available, for an additional group of supplementary indicators from the Evaluation Framework. This data will be reported along with the benchmarks, to the LHINs.