New Resource: Competency Framework for Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Date: October 18, 2017 Author: rehabcare Categories: 2017 | What's New

A new Competency Framework for Interprofessional Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) is now available.

The framework describes detailed practice expectations for health professionals to prepare them to deliver interprofessional CGAs/interventions and to work effectively in a specialized geriatrics environment.

The framework was developed by Central East LHIN’s Seniors Care Network in collaboration with the Northeast Specialized Geriatric Centre and the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto. It has also been endorsed by the Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario.

Organizations implementing the RCA’s Direct Access Priority Process (DAPP) will find the framework helpful. Comprehensive geriatric assessment is a key element of the DAPP process and of an Assess & Restore approach to care. The framework also addresses a recommendation from the RCA’s recent evaluation of A&R initiatives across the province. The evaluation highlighted the need to increase competency in geriatric care, including comprehensive geriatric assessments and intervention.