RCA expands outpatient/ambulatory data collection

Date: November 27, 2017 Author: rehabcare Categories: 2017 | November 2017 | What's New

Following the completion of a successful proof of concept in 2016, the RCA is taking steps toward a broader provincial rollout of the minimum data set for outpatient rehabilitation. 

RCA's minimum data set addresses a long-standing gap in data collection in outpatient rehabilitation and will help inform bundled care and health system reform. 

During the proof of concept, 26 hospital and community-based programs from across the province piloted three tools. Three RCA task groups are now addressing the resulting feedback and recommendations.

NACRS Clinic Lite (Access and Transition/Financial Performance)
Sites that submitted outpatient data using NACRS Clinic Lite were able to enter data manually through a web-entry system or electronically using an e-file transfer system. The e-file option extracted data from electronic health records/health information systems and significantly reduced data entry workload. An RCA task group is now developing strategies to make this option more widely available, as it will require sites to work with their vendors to create a customized interface.

WatLX™ (Patient Experience)
Sites using the WatLX™ tool found it easy to implement. An RCA task group is now working with the Ontario Hospital Association and NRC Health to make the 10-question tool more broadly available. The intent is to use NRC Health's infrastructure to distribute the outpatient survey, collect and manage the data centrally and produce reports. 

Community Rehab Assessment (Clinical Outcomes)
Feedback from the sites implementing the Community Rehab Assessment tool focused on the need to reduce the burden of data collection by removing or modifying some of the questions. With support and input from the RCA task group, test sites and RCA secretariat, the interRAI researchers have now streamlined the tool. The RCA will soon be recruiting sites to pilot the new version in 2018.

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