RCA addressing structural barriers to definitions frameworks

Date: November 28, 2017 Author: rehabcare Categories: 2017 | November 2017 | What's New

Following the widespread implementation of the RCA's definitions frameworks, the RCA is tackling remaining barriers to full alignment. 

LHINs and health service providers (HSPs) across Ontario have been largely successful in aligining their existing programs with the RCA's definitions frameworks for bedded and community-based levels of rehabilitative care. However, they have also identified a number of structural issues that must be addressed before full alignment can be achieved. 

  • Aligning reporting of ALC data: The RCA is working with Access to Care and a working group of ALC coordinators and other subject matter experts. Together, they will identify and implement the necessary changes to Access to Care's current ALC reporting system to align it with the definitions in the frameworks. 
  • Updating terminology in Provincial Referral Standards (PRS) referral form: The RCA is updating the original PRS form to reflect terminology in the definition frameworks. The revised form will be available in winter 2018.
  • Refining the current inpatient rehab grouper: The RCA is working with the Ministry's HSFR Inpatient Rehabilitation Care Technical Task Group to make recommendations for refinements to the re-designated case mix methodology and weights to be used for funding. The goal of this work is to develop recommendations for an improved funding formula that is more reflective of inpatient rehabilitative care activity. 

New resources support referrers

A key goal of the definition frameworks is to provide clarity and consistency across programs, so that referrers can quickly and easily find a program that meets the rehabilitative needs of their patients/clients. With this in mind, the RCA has developed a number of templates that LHINs and HSPs can use to share program information with referrers. The tools organize information according to the levels of care found in the definitions frameworks, and include the following:

New resource will support patients and providers

The RCA is also working with thehealthline.ca to create a centralized online portal of information on rehabilitative care. The provincial website is designed to help consumers and health care professionals find health services in their area. However, it currently doesn't allow users to easily search for rehabilitative care in their LHIN. The RCA is working with thehealthline to create a portal focused on rehabilitation that draws together program information already on the site as well as new information that will help connect people to the rehabilitative services they need. 

For more information on the definitions initiative, please contact Sue Balogh, Project Manager.