RCA tests 2016/17 rehabilitative system scorecard

Date: November 28, 2017 Author: rehabcare Categories: 2017 | November 2017 | What's New

The RCA is testing a new interactive scorecard for rehabilitative care that reports on performance across a variety of indicators. The RCA reported this data across LHINs for the first time in spring 2017; performance data for 2015/16 was captured for three priority indicators and eight supplementary indicators.

This move toward standardized evaluation allows LHINs to compare their performance against evidence-based benchmarks and provides a focus for quality improvement activities.

In its continued efforts to enhance this reporting, the RCA has now developed a scorecard to provide data in a user-friendly, visual format. The beta version of the scorecard uses 2016/17 data and is being shared with LHINs and provincial stakeholders for feedback. The new format will then be finalized and used with 2017/18 data for the RCA's second annual report in September 2018. The RCA will also be working with the LHINs in the coming months to put in place a process for reviewing data in advance of the 2018 report. 

Quick facts on the RCA's annual Rehabilitative Care System Performance Report

  • Reporting is based on the Rehabilitative Care System Evaluation Framework developed in the RCA's first mandate. The framework recommended 39 performance indicators to evaluate performance in eight quality dimensions, including accessibility, safety and patient-centred care. The RCA is currently reporting on three priority indicators and eight supplementary indicators. 
  • The priority indicators and supplementary indicators selected for the first performance report in 2017 were chosen because data for these indicators is both available and reliable. Technical definitions for the indicators ensure they are measured consistently to allow reliable comparison of data. 
  • Performance data is provided by Access to Care and Health Shared Services Ontario (HSSO). The RCA also uses data from IntelliHEALTH ONTARIO. The 2017 report reflected 2015/16 data.
  • Benchmarks exist for the three priority indicators: wait times for inpatient rehabilitative care, wait times for in-home rehabilitative care and repeat ED visits due to falls. These indicators were selected from the 39 indicators by an expert panel using the criteria of strategic alignment, reliability, actionability, timeliness and clarity. 
  • The benchmarks for the priority indicators are based on evidence and current performance across the province. They reflect top performance while being achievable and acceptable to stakeholders. 
  • There are no immediate plans to develop more performance benchmarks.
  • The 2018 report will be released to RCA stakeholders only, including RCA committes, LHINs, the MOHLTC and other provincial organizations. We encourage LHINs to share the report with their health service providers (whose data is reflected) and regional rehabilitation committees. 

Evaluation work recognized with award

A poster presenting RCA's system evaluation initiative received a Poster of Distinction Award at Health Quality Transformation 2017. Three hundred abstracts were submitted. 

The poster was one of two winners in the Monitor Performance with Quality in Mind category. 

For more information on the system evaluation initiative, please email info@rehabcarealliance.ca

(l to r): Project Manager Rebecca Ho and Executive Director
Charissa Levy with RCA's winning poster.