About the Rehabilitative Care Alliance

Funded by Ontario's 14 LHINs, the Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA) works with partners across the province to strengthen and standardize rehabilitative care in Ontario through:

• better planning
• improved performance management and evaluation, and
• increased integration of best practices across the care continuum. 

Our initiatives support the ongoing efforts of LHINs and health service providers to enhance outcomes for people receiving rehabilitative care while using health system resources more efficiently and effectively. 

RCA work is guided by available evidence and data and by the active participation of LHINs, rehabilitative care providers, subject matter experts and patient and family representatives. 

RCA initiatives align with Ontario's health system objectives and other province-wide initiatives including Patients First, Health Service Funding Reform and Quality-Based Procedures.

Our history

The Rehabilitative Care Alliance was established by the LHINs in 2013 with a two-year mandate. In our first two years, we worked with stakeholders across the province to develop recommendations to improve rehabilitative care. (See our summary report from Mandate I.) We also developed the tools and resources required by LHINs and health service providers to implement those recommendations. 

In our second mandate, the RCA provided projet management and data analysis to guide and support LHINs and health service providers as they continued to operationalize the RCA recommendations. (See our summary report from Mandate II.)

Now in our third mandate, we continue to support implementation by working with LHINs to broaden awareness of RCA initiatives and enhance the dissemination and uptake of guidelines, tools and QI initiatives. Together with the LHINs and other stakeholders, we also identify new areas of work in response to the evolving health care environment. 

RCA Vision
Patient and system outcomes are optimized through
the integration of rehabilitative care at all levels of
health services policy, planning and delivery.