Capacity Planning

Introducing standardized planning for future need

The RCA's Capacity Planning Framework supports a standardized approach to planning and organizing rehabilitative care at the provincial and regional level.

When applied, the new approach provides health care planners and providers with a better understanding of regional need for rehabilitative care services now and in the future. It also supports equitable access to rehabilitative care across the province.  

The RCA is working with LHINs across Ontario to apply the framework. A more detailed list of activities for all RCA initiatives can be found here.  

Framework and Resources
Capacity Planning Framework (March 2015)

Framework outlines questions a rehab care system capacity plan must address in order to conduct a current state analysis, future state design, gap analysis and action plan.

Compendium of Recommendations for Conditions Typically Requiring Rehabilitative Care: A resource developed to support capacity planning (May 2019)

Provides information on a number of conditions typically requiring rehabilitative care that can be used as a proxy for identifying unmet need. Is based on a review of current evidence and best practice guidelines, where available.