Community Rehab

Exploring cost-effective, innovative models for rehabilitative care

Community-based rehabilitative care models can enhance patient outcomes and improve patient flow and transitions as patients move through the system.

The RCA is working to enhance awareness of the role community-based rehabilitation plays in helping people return home and in enhancing or maintaining function. This work will explore successful approaches being used in ambulatory, in-home and primary care settings and identify opportunities to spread innovative, cost-effective models of rehabilitative care.  

A more detailed list of activities for all RCA initiatives is found here. Terms of reference and the membership for the advisory and task groups can be found on our governance page.

White Paper on Community-based Rehabilitation

Community-based Rehabilitation: Providing High-Value Care in the Community is a four-part white paper that explores the critical role that community-based rehabilitation plays in the Ontario health system. 

  • Part 1: The Value of Community-Based Rehabilitation: An Overview introduces community-based rehabilitation and provides an overview of its value. 
  • Part 2: In-Home Rehabilitation provides an overview of key best practices and examples of effective models of rehabilitative care and their outcomes. It also provides recommendations to improve patient outcomes and reduce cost, as well as a discussion of pandemic considerations, including the use of virtual care.
  • Part 3: Ambulatory-Based Rehabilitation (Available 2021)
  • Part 4: Rehabilitative Care in Primary Care (Available 2021)