COVID-19 Rehab Resources

Rehabilitation plays an important role in supporting better outcomes for patients with COVID-19. The resources listed are provided to support rehab professionals, other clinicians and administrators as they provide and plan care for this population. Please note that some of the documents are consensus-based guidelines. As information regarding COVID-19 continues to change, please take note of the date of publication and consider any recommendations within the context of more updated information that may be available. When there is doubt or contradiction, always defer to recommendations from provincial public health authorities.

If you have other resources to suggest that complement those listed, please contact us

Additional information and clinical guidance on COVID-19 is available on the websites of professional associations and regulatory colleges of the various rehabilitation disciplines.

The RCA and GTA Rehab Network have also established a Rehab and COVID-19 Community of Practice (CoP) on Ontario Health’s Quorum platform to share information, ideas and resources on the role, planning and provision of rehabilitative care in the context of COVID-19.