Current Initiatives

Rehabilitative Care Alliance initiatives are approved by the LHIN CEOs at the beginning of each mandate. 

Our current initiatives include:

Assess & Restore/Frail Seniors: Supporting provincial Assess & Restore initiatives through evaluation and knowledge exchange activities; developing and implementing evidence-informed care processes for older adults.

Capacity Planning: Supporting implementation of the RCA's Capacity Planning Framework to create a standardized approach to planning and organizing rehabilitative care at the provincial and regional level. 

Definitions: Supporting implementation of standardized levels of care for rehabilitative care programs through the RCA's Definitions Frameworks

Hip Fracture/TJR QBP Best Practice Frameworks: Developing tools and resources to support implementation of the RCA's best practice frameworks for rehabilitative care for patients following hip fracture and primary hip and knee replacement. 

Outpatient/Ambulatory: Supporting a province-wide rollout of the RCA's Outpatient/Ambulatory Rehabilitative Care Minimum Data Set (MDS) to track performance outcomes for patients and outpatient rehabilitation services. 

System Evaluation: Supporting LHINs in implementing the RCA's Rehabilitative Care System Evaluation Framework and its standardized approach to evaluating system performance across the rehabilitative care continuum. 

A more detailed list of activities for each initiative is found here