Direct Access Priority Process (DAPP)

The RCA's Direct Access Priority Process (DAPP) supports early identification of individuals with restorative potential who require inpatient rehabilitative care and facilitates referrals directly from the community. This streamlined process helps individuals receive timely access to rehabilitation by removing acute care as the sole point of access to rehabilitative care beds. 

DAPP is being implemented by various health service providers across the province.  

A more detailed list of activities for all RCA initiatives is found here. Terms of reference and the membership for the advisory and task groups can be found on our governance page.

Direct Access Priority Process (DAPP) Tools
Direct Access Priority Process (DAPP) (February 2019)

The three-step DAPP process include:
• early identification/screening
• assessment to determine need for bedded rehabilitative care
• streamlined referral

DAPP Toolkit (March 2015)
Description of the Target Population
Definition of Restorative Potential
Checklist to Rule Out an Acute Cause of Functional Decline
Priority Process Referral Map
Proposed Process Timelines
Priority Process Decision Tree

Tools to support DAPP implementation
Assessment Urgency Algorithm (March 2015) Standardized provincial screening tool used to support DAPP
DAPP Evaluation
Direct Access Priority Process (DAPP) Logic Model (March 2017) Logic model to demonstrate the collective impact of A&R-funded initiatives focused on implementing DAPP
Process and Outcome Indicators (March 2015) Process and outcome indicators to support evaluation of the effectiveness of DAPP