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A&R Evaluation
Assess & Restore 2018-19 Initiatives Summary (January 2020) Descriptions and outcomes of all 2018/19 A&R initiatives. 


Assess & Restore Shared Provincial Indicators (January 2018) Description and technical definitions of standardized indicators for Assess & Restore reporting. 
Capacity Planning Framework and Resources

The RCA's Capacity Planning Framework and methodology support a standardized approach to planning and organizing rehabilitative care at the provincial and regional level. This approach:

  • provides health care planners and providers with a simplified model to address local rehabilitative care needs now and in the future
  • incorporates patient input, population data and various models of care so that plans are efficient, cost-effective and evidence-informed
  • supports equitable access to rehabilitative care across the province. 
Community Rehab Capacity During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Survey Highlights (November 2020) Results of a Fall 2020 survey of providers of publicly funded outpatient/community and in-home rehabilitation services to assess the impact of the pandemic on their capacity. 
Hip Fracture Capacity Planning Canvas (March 2019) The final product of the RCA implementation of A Needs-based approach to rehabilitative care Capacity Planning for patients in Ontario post hip fracture.
Capacity Planning Model - Brief Summary A brief overview of the methods used in developing the Capacity Planning Canvas and implementing the canvas for the hip fracture population in Ontario. 
The Capacity Planning Canvas - A Needs-Based Approach to Health System Capacity Planning A detailed process for undertaking a needs based approach to health system and regional capacity planning for identified populations. 
Capacity Planning Framework (March 2015) Framework outlines questions a rehab care system capacity plan must address in order to conduct a current state analysis, future state design, gap analysis and action plan
Compendium of Recommendations for Conditions Typically Requiring Rehabilitative Care: A resource developed to support capacity planning (May 2019) Provides information on a number of conditions typically requiring rehabilitative care that can be used as a proxy for identifying unmet need. Is based on a review of current evidence and best practice guidelines, where available. 
Rehab Data Reporting - Results of Minimum Data Set Pilots
Measuring Functional Outcomes in Outpatient/Ambulatory Rehabilitative Care using the interRAI Community Rehabilitation Assessment: Phase II Pilot Report (February 2020) Final report on phase II pilot of the Community Rehab Assessment (CRA) clinical outcomes tool.
Overview of Data from the Provincial Phase II CRA Pilot of the interRAI Community Rehab Assessment (February 2020) Supplementary data presentation to accompany the phase II pilot final report.