Governance and Working Group Members

The Rehabilitative Care Alliance reports to the 14 Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) CEOs under the following governance structure:

The Rehabilitative Care Alliance brings together the expertise of provincial stakeholders and rehabilitative care providers from across the continuum.

Call for Expressions of Interest

The RCA is inviting stakeholders who wish to actively participate in and contribute to the provincial work of the RCA to submit an expression of interest for participation on Advisory or Task Groups in the following new areas:

  • Definitions High and Low Intensity Rehab Task Group
  • Bundled Funding Advisory Group
  • Frail Seniors Advisory Group + Geriatric Rehab Care Task Group
  • Community Based Rehab Advisory Group
  • System Evaluation Advisory Group + Indicator Development Task Group
  • Hip Fracture and TJR QBP Best Practices Advisory Group

Application Submission

If you are interested in joining a Task or Advisory group, please submit an application by Friday, May 17th, 2019 by completing an Expression of Interest Form

Note: There will be a continued focus on implementation of the definitions framework, capacity planning and engagement with regional rehab planners and stakeholders. Membership from groups that were previously involved in these areas will carry over without a call for expressions of interest at this time. 

For those who are unable to participate in a task or advisory group but who are interested in receiving updates on the work of the RCA, quarterly informational webinars will be offered. To be notified when these webinars will be held, please sign-up for our communications list

Task and Advisory Groups

Task groups meet more frequently and directly work toward completion of the identified deliverables; Advisory groups meet quarterly and inform and shape the work of the identified deliverables; providing validation and consultative advice to the Task Group.

Final Advisory/Task group membership will be determined in consideration of cross-sectorial and regional representation, required areas of expertise and the size of the working group. All groups will be supported by the RCA Secretariat to develop a detailed work plan and meet deliverable(s) of each respective initiative. Details regarding the mandate and deliverables of each group can be found in the Terms of Reference for each group below.  

Terms of Reference