Governance and Working Group Members

The Rehabilitative Care Alliance reports to the 14 Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) CEOs under the following governance structure:

The Rehabilitative Care Alliance brings together the expertise of provincial stakeholders and rehabilitative care providers from across the continuum.

Rehabilitative Care Alliance Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a strategic provincial advisory council that provides oversight and direction to ensure the RCA achieves its stated deliverables. The Committee is accountable to the LHIN CEOs and includes representatives from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, LHINs, hospitals, CCACs, community service providers, and a broad range of stakeholder associations. 

Steering Committee Membership List - updated September 2020

Task and Advisory Groups

The work of the RCA is carried out by Task and Advisory Groups made up of clinicians, administrators and policy-makers from across the province. Task groups meet more frequently and directly work toward completion of the identified deliverables; Advisory groups meet quarterly and inform and shape the work of the identified deliverables; providing validation and consultative advice to the Task Group.

Below are the member lists of RCA Task & Advisory Groups as well as their Terms of Reference.

Bundled Care Advisory Group 

Community-Based Rehab Advisory Group 

Definitions Advisory Group 

Frail Seniors Advisory Group 

System Evaluation Advisory Group