RCA leads initiative to support LHIN capacity planning

Date: June 2, 2016 Author: Mantis System Categories: June 2016

The RCA is leading an initiative to support the 14 LHINs as they implement a standardized approach to capacity planning for rehabilitative care services.

The RCA Capacity Planning Framework is designed to support more consistent capacity planning across all LHINs and address issues such as bed utilization, unmet need and future need. The RCA is supporting the LHINs in defining, gathering and analyzing the provincial and LHIN-level data required by the framework. 

Working with the LHINs, the RCA has identified 16 key data elements that describe current utilization, regional population demographics, alternate level of care (ALC) and wait times. Efforts are now focused on confirming data defintions to ensure consistent parameters and working with the LHINs to identify key analysis questions across the various data elements that can inform local capacity planning. 

Data partnerships in place to obtain data

The RCA is gathering the data from several sources. Utilization data will be drawn from CIHI's provincial data set (with the help of Erie St. Clair LHIN decision support). ALC and wait time data will be provided by Access to Care. CCAC and community data will be obtained from the Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres (OACCAC). 

The initial work to set up data partnerships and define parameters is now well underway and data will be available in the coming months. Data will be provided to the LHINs as it becomes available.

As they apply the Capacity Planning Framework, LHINs will also consider any changes required to ensure programs align to the provincial definition frameworks. The results of the definitions mapping surveys will be an important input into the process.