RCA establishing indicators/benchmarks for system evaluation

Date: June 2, 2016 Author: Mantis System Categories: June 2016

Standardized performance evaluation across LHINs is soon to be a reality as implementation of the RCA's Rehabilitative Care System Evaluation Framework begins. 

The framework was developed during the RCA's first mandate to support system-wide improvement. With the help of a panel of experts in evaluation and performance management, the RCA is now fine-tuning indicators and considering benchmarks so LHINs can begin phasing in the framework this fall. 

This type of extensive data collection and reporting at the LHIN and system level has not been done for rehabilitative care before. It is a critical step in quality improvement: measuring where we are so we can see where improvements are needed. 

Benchmarking access, safety and efficacy indicators

The RCA System Evaluation framework contains 39 indicators that measure the quality of the rehabilitative care system. Working with an expert panel, the RCA's System Evaluation Task Group prioritized five indicators using the LHIN Expert Choice Tool (a collaborative decision-making tool). The five indicators were short-listed because they are essential to quality improvement efforts and support coordination across the system. 

The Task Group has been consulting with provincial data sources to confirm data availability. This information will also help the Task Group to develop technical definitions for the priority indicators and an additional group of supplementary indicators. The Task Group is also working with a panel of experts in indicator development to determine a methodology to set provincial benchmarks for the priority indicators (as appropriate). 

Over the next few months, the RCA will begin analyzing data from CIHI's provincial data set, Access to Care and the Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres (OACCAC). Review of this analysis and a potential process for benchmarking will follow in the fall.