Developing rehab pathways to support QBP Handbooks

Date: June 2, 2016 Author: Mantis System Categories: June 2016

Following an extensive review process, RCA working groups have identified best and leading practices for total joint replacement and hip fracture. 

This information will be used to develop rehabilitative care pathways to augment the QBP Clinical Handbooks. The handbooks currently include high-level recommendations for post-acute rehabilitative care, but do not include detailed information on best practices. 

The working groups will ultimately recommend rehabilitative care best practices for both the primary total joint replacement and hip fracture populations. These frameworks will include identifying best practices for each population across settings in the care continuum, and will provide an overview of transitions and processes of care to support the implementation of QBP recommendations and achievement of applicable QBP targets across the LHINs. 

As part of this process, the RCA is working closely with Health Quality Ontario as HQO develops quality standards for the hip fracture population to ensure alignment.