Ontario Health Teams

The RCA is developing a variety of resources to support Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) as they take on responsibility for the planning and delivery of health care. The resources will help OHTs integrate rehabilitative care across the continuum to improve outcomes for patients and the health care system.

Rehabilitative Care Primer

Patient and System-Level Benefits of Rehabilitative Care: A primer to support planning by OHTs and Ontario Health provides an accessible overview of current evidence to help OHTs better understand the role rehabilitative care can play in improving outcomes.

Brief guide to rehabilitative care

Rehabilitative Care: An Essential Component of Connected Care — A Guide for Ontario Health Teams provides an overview of how rehab contributes to the quadruple aim and the implications for OHTs. 

White Paper on Community-based Rehabilitation

Community-based Rehabilitation: Providing High-Value Care in the Community is a four-part white paper that explores the critical role that community-based rehabilitation plays in the Ontario health system. 

  • Part 1: The Value of Community-Based Rehabilitation: An Overview introduces community-based rehabilitation and provides an overview of its value. 
  • Part 2: In-Home Rehabilitation provides an overview of key best practices and examples of effective models of rehabilitative care and their outcomes. It also provides recommendations to improve patient outcomes and reduce cost, as well as a discussion of pandemic considerations, including the use of virtual care.
  • Part 3: Ambulatory-Based Rehabilitation 
  • Part 4: Rehabilitative Care in Primary Care (Available 2021)