Other Reports 

  • Realizing the Potential of Rehabilitative Care for People with Complex Health Conditions: The Time Is Now - July 2016
    This Health Care Quarterly paper describes how rehabilitative care supports the complex needs of people with multiple chronic conditions and comorbidities, highlights the themes of rehabilitative care in recently published system-level reports and points to the role of rehabilitative care in supporting health system directions. The paper, by secretariat staff Charissa Levy and Sue Balogh and former staff member Emmi Perkins, highlights how various RCA initiatives are promoting rehabilitative care across Ontario in alignment with Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care priorities. 

  • RCA Progress Report - June 2016
    The RCA is working with LHINs and health service providers across the province to strengthen and standardize rehabilitative care. This brief (2-page) progress report provides an update on results achieved to date and work underway in priority areas. 

  • Structural Innovation for System Success: Learnings from the Rehabilitative Care Alliance Model
    The RCA's successful model for implementing system change could prove valuable to other groups with a mandate to improve the health of specific populations across a broad provincial landscape. This article by RCA Co-chairs Dr. Peter Nord and Donna Cripps provides an overview of the factors contributing to the RCA's success over its first two mandates.