Tracking performance outcomes for outpatient rehabilitation services

The RCA's Outpatient/Ambulatory Rehabilitative Care Minimum Data Set (MDS) addresses a long-standing gap in data collection in outpatient rehabilitation.

Using a framework developed by the GTA Rehab Network, the RCA developed the minimum data set to support standardized data collection and the creation of comparable performance metrics. Standardized data also supports capacity planning at the organizational, local, regional and provincial levels.

In 2016/17, the RCA piloted the data set in a proof of concept with 26 hospital and community-based programs across the province. Data was reported using three tools:

• NACRS Clinic Lite (Access and Transition/Financial Performance)
• WatLX™ (Patient Experience)
• Community Rehab Assessment (Clinical Outcomes)

The RCA is currently working with stakeholders and partners on phase II of the pilot of the Community Rehab Assessment tool and a broader rollout of the outpatient/ambulatory minimum data set across the province. A more detailed list of activities for all RCA initiatives can be found here.  

Phase II Pilot
FAQ - Community Rehab Assessment Tool - Phase II Pilot (December 2017)

Information on the Phase II pilot of a tool used to measure patients' functional improvement.

Proof of Concept Tools and Results
Outpatient Ambulatory Provincial Proof of Concept - Phase I Report (November 2018)

Final report detailing the methodology and results from the 2016 provincial proof of concept of the outpatient/ambulatory minimum dataset (NACRS Clinic Lite, Community Rehab Assessment and WatLX™)

Summary of Provincial Data of the Proof of Concept (March 2017)

Provincial overview of the data collected during the outpatient/ambulatory provincial proof of concept

WatLX™ Tool (March 2017)

Used in proof of concept to measure patient satisfaction with quality of care received. Uses 10 questions with a five-point Likert scale. Patient demographic questions were included with no patient identifiers. 

NACRS Clinic Lite Data Elements (March 2017)

List of NACRS Clinic Lite data elements specific to outpatient/ambulatory rehab that were included in the provincial proof of concept. 

Community Rehab Assessment Tool (March 2017)

Used in proof of concept to measure patient's functional improvement in areas such as ability to participate in activities of daily living, return to work, mobility and cognitive function. Includes self-report tool for patients and in-clinic assessment completed by clinicians. 
Supplemental Information
Overview of Key Findings: Provincial Validation Survey (March 2015)

Results of survey to understand data collected by MOHLTC-funded outpatient/ambulatory rehab programs and implications of minimum data set.