Post COVID-19 Outpatient Rehab Referral/Pathway

The RCA has worked in collaboration with the Ontario Health (OH) Quality Standards division to respond to the growing demand for rehabilitation (rehab) services for those who have persistent symptoms following COVID-19. The OH team developed high level clinical guidelines for primary care that describe the pathway for patients with persistent symptoms after COVID-19. 

During this collaboration, the RCA focused specifically on the rehab aspect of the OH work by developing three resources to support a streamlined referral process: (1) a standardized intake and communication pathway including a physician letter template; (2) an inventory of publicly-funded post COVID-19 outpatient rehab programs; and (3) a standardized COVID-19 outpatient rehab referral form. 

Updated: February 4, 2022
RCA Standardized Intake and Communication Pathway for COVID-19 Outpatient Rehabilitation (February 2022)  A standardized intake and communication pathway for this patient group that describes the management of referrals received from primary care and communications back to primary care regarding the referral and treatment plan. It includes a standardized physician letter template that has been developed to facilitate the communication by COVID-19 Outpatient Rehab Programs to primary care.
Publicly-funded post COVID-19 outpatient rehab programs An inventory of publicly-funded post COVID-19 outpatient rehab programs, located on the RCA’s rehab portal, This inventory assists primary care providers in finding specialized COVID-19 outpatient rehab for their patients with persistent symptoms due to COVID-19.
RCA Post COVID-19 Outpatient Rehab Referral Form (February 2022) A standardized, streamlined post-COVID-19 outpatient rehab referral form.