Re-classification Considerations: Rehab/CCC Beds

In its first mandate, the Rehabilitative Care Alliance identified issues related to the re-classification of complex continuing care (CCC) beds to inpatient rehabilitation beds. The RCA worked with subject matter experts and system stakeholders to develop a toolkit to support LHINs and health service providers in the the decision-making process. 

Tools and Resources
PCRC Toolkit (January 2015) Provides considerations to help determine the need for or complete the process of re-classifying CCC/rehab beds as part of a capacity planning exercise and describes process for preparing a business case.  
PCRC Education Module - Financial and Clinical Considerations (January 2015)  
PCRC Education Module - Implications of the RCA Definitions Framework and Proposed Directions (January 2015)  
Bulletin and Q&A (January 2015) Background and answers to common questions