Rehab after Critical Illness

Updated: June 9, 2020
COVID-19: The Challenge of Patient Rehabilitation After Intensive Care (May 6, 2020) This letter to the editor of the British Medical Journal. Highlights the need for post-COVID rehabilitation and the potential for a number of survivors to have longer and more complex recoveries compared to other intensive care unit (ICU) patients. Highlights three examples of case studies relevant to post ICU rehabilitation.
Home and Community-Based Physical Therapist Management of Adults With Post–Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) (April 13, 2020) Article reports the prevalence and clinical presentation of PICS and provides recommendations for physical examination and outcomes measures, plan of care and intervention strategies.
Rehabilitation after critical illness in adults: Quality standard (Sept 7, 2017) Document from NICE outlines quality statements for adults in critical care with a focus on rehabilitation needs.
Safety and Feasibility of an Exercise Prescription Approach to Rehabilitation Across the Continuum of Care for Survivors of Critical Illness (December 2012) Survivors of critical illness can experience long-standing functional limitations that negatively affect their health-related quality of life. Rehab that commences in the ICU and continues through to an outpatient program is safe and feasible for survivors of critical illness.
Occupational Therapy: A Vital Role in Dysphagia Care (2011) For patients who require mechanical ventilation as a result of COVID-19, intubation and reintubation are significant risk factors for dysphagia post extubation. This fact sheet from the American Occupational Therapy Association outlines the role of occupational therapists in working with clients with dysphagia.