System Evaluation

Improving quality through standardized evaluation 

The RCA's Rehabilitative Care System Evaluation Framework and annual rehabilitative care system performance report provide a standardized approach to evaluating system performance across the rehabilitative care continuum. Together, they:

  • define quality rehabilitative care
  • establish provincial benchmarks for rehabilitative care system indicators in three priority areas
  • provide regions with information to assess their performance against each other and against provincial benchmarks
  • help regions focus their efforts to improve quality and flow
  • support evidence-based practice and system-wide improvement. 

The RCA is working to enhance the annual report and support Ontario Health Teams and regional and provincial partners in quality improvement initiatives.

The RCA's annual rehabilitative care system performance report is available to health service providers by contacting

A more detailed list of activities for all RCA initiatives is found here. Terms of reference and the membership for the advisory and task groups can be found on our governance page.

Framework and Reports
FAQ Rehabilitative Care System Evaluation Performance Report (June 2018) Answers to common questions about the report and benchmarks. 
System Evaluation Technical Specifications (November 2018) Technical definitions used to collect data in the System Evaluation Performance Data document.
Rehabilitative Care System Evaluation Framework (March 2015) Framework and tools and indicators that can be used to evaluate rehabilitative care system performance.