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June 8, 2022

From Frailty to Resilience: Getting Started with Implementation

At the end of this webinar, participants will:

  • Understand the 4 key action items that are the starting point for implementation of both ALC Leading Practices and Rehabilitative Care for Older Adults Living with/at Risk of Frailty
  • Consider practice changes that will support implementation of the core elements and processes of care outlined in the framework
  • Be introduced to a gap analysis tool to determine a starting point for implementation

Webinar Recording


Gap Analysis Tool


March 10, 2022

Virtual rehab is here to stay….So, how do you evaluate its efficacy and quality?

This webinar provides an overview of the RCA Considerations for the Evaluation of Virtual Rehabilitation and an illustration of using the RCA virtual rehab guidance framework to evaluate a regional rehab outreach program.

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February 23, 2022

Rehabilitative Care for Older Adults Living With/At Risk of Frailty: From Frailty to Resilience

This webinar introduces the new rehab framework for older adults living with/at risk of frailty. The objectives for participants were to:

  • Understand why the framework is important now to older adults who require rehabilitative care and to the rehab professionals and operational leaders who provide that care across the continuum
  • Take away three key actions they can implement immediately to enable best practice rehabilitative care for older adults living with/at risk of frailty
  • Be aware of upcoming self-assessment process and resources to support implementation

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To access the framework and other resources, please go to Older Adults Living With Frailty

July 20, 2021

Rehab for Post COVID-19 Condition: Learnings from experiences to date

This informational webinar provides learnings about:

  • The long-term complications of COVID-19.
  • The development and implementation of Alberta's Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation Response Framework.
  • An interdisciplinary streamlined approach to Post-COVID-19 rehabilitation at The Ottawa Hospital.
  • Integrated assessment and treatment for the management of Post-COVID-19 Syndrome in patients with occupationally acquired COVID-19.

Webinar Recording


Q&A Document

*Links to resources cited during the webinar can be found within the presentation file.

June 10, 2020

Rehab Care Alliance Tele-Rehab: Q&A Follow-Up Webinar

This webinar addresses questions submitted during the Tele-Rehab Webinar of May 13 2020 (see below).

  • Questions and written responses can be found in the Q & A document.
  • Several resources on tele-rehab shared by the speakers are also provided.


Q&A Document 

May 13, 2020

Telerehab: a sharing of approaches and processes

This webinar shares experiences from providers across the province with implementing tele-rehab and includes:

  • Key considerations and enablers of using tele-rehab
  • Practical tips for setting up tele-rehab quickly
  • Learnings from those in the field who have implemented tele-rehabi in individual and group formats.




 July 18, 2019

Transforming Rehabilitative Care in Ontario: RCA Update

This webinar provides an overview of the 2019-2022 work plan for the next three years in areas such as:

  • Standardized evaluation of rehabilitative care services
  • RCA implementation support for bundled care
  • Development of a standardized geriatric rehabilitative care best practices framework

Audio Recording


April 30, 2019

Special presentation by CIHI and RCA

To support you in reporting clinical data using NACRS Clinic Lite, the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) and Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA) are sharing the slides, webinar recording and supporting documents from the NACRS Clinic Lite Refresher for FY18/19 primary unilateral hip and knee bundled care webinar that was held on Wednesday, April 30, 2019. This content is primarily for those entering and/or submitting NACRS Clinic Lite data in FY18/19.

Full webinar
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January 30, 2019

Learn about our work on the RCA System Evaluation Performance Report including:

  • A high-level overview of the Rehabilitative Care System Evaluation initiative
  • The 17/18 Rehab System Evaluation Performance data including rationale and decision-making process for the RCA System Evaluation priority indicator benchmarks
Please email to request a copy of the presentation and audio file

November 1, 2018

The 2018 Assess & Restore Virtual Forum provided an update on A&R interventions from across the continuum of care are presented, including successes and opportunities, strategies and key learnings from:

  • VON SMART Enhanced In-Home Program - Mississauga Halton LHIN
  • The Home Independence Program (HIP) - Central West LHIN
  • Virtual Ward and Community Enhanced Recovery Program - Central East LHIN
  • Enhanced Service Delivery: Geriatric Care Coordinator/Lead for Senior's Clinical Pathway Development - North West LHIN
  • Enhancing Asses & Restore Capacity - Central LHIN

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October 25, 2018

Learn about our work in the area of hip fracture and total joint replacement best practices including:

  • An overview of the best practices self-assessment process and participation
  • Provincial analysis of best practices by health care sector including: priority areas, goals and resources requested, strengths and opportunities for improvement

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July 18, 2018

An overview in the area of rehabilitation capacity planning including:

  • Basic principles of effective capacity planning
  • Strengths, weaknesses, and impacts of the approaches traditionally used in healthcare
  • Needs-based approach being developed by Ontario’s Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA) for the hip fracture population

Audio recording


April 26, 2018 & May 2, 2018

An overview of the latest developments on the definitions frameworks and what implementing them means for you.

Audio recording (Apr 26)
Audio recording (May 2)


January 10, 2018

An overview of the latest developments in two RCA initiatives:

  • Hip/TJR best practice frameworks and self-assessment
  • Outpatient/ambulatory minimum data set - Phase II 

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October 3, 2017 An overview of RCA work underway in areas such as: standardized evaluation of rehabilitative care services; implementation of rehabilitative care best practices for patients with hip fractures and TJR; and rehabilitative data collection in outpatient/ ambulatory settings.

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