The RCA has finalized its new scorecard for rehabilitative care and will use it to report 2016/17 performance data to the LHINs in the early summer, followed by 2017/18 data at the end of the year. 

Last year, the RCA released its first annual rehabilitative care system performance report. Since then, the RCA has developed and tested a new user-friendly, interactive scorecard that allows easy comparison of data across LHINs. The RCA will use this new format to report the 2016/17 data. 

Later this year, the RCA will once again release a full Rehabilitative Care System Performance Report. The 2017/18 report, which will include the new scorecard, will be released to RCA stakeholders, including RCA committees, LHINs, the MOHLTC and other provincial organizations. This FAQ provides more information on the annual report and the indicators being measured. 

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