The RCA and stakeholders across the province are developing clinical care pathways to help prevent functional decline for older adults who experience a fall.

The new pathways will make it easier for primary care and emergency departments to connect patients to rehabilitative care to prevent further decline. It also complements the fall prevention work underway in many LHINs. 

Using the new evidence-based pathways, clinicians will be able to assess the risk factors that contributed to the fall and stream the patient to the following rehabilitative services:

  • Community intervention
  • Outpatient ambulatory/home care
  • Specialized geriatric services
  • Inpatient rehabilitative care

Pathway informed by broad consultation

A broad group of stakeholders provided feedback on the draft care pathways. Five feedback meetings were attended by over 20 external stakeholders from five LHINs, including primary care, emergency, geriatric and community rehab leads, primary care and emergency physicians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, a social worker, a dietician and a GEM nurse. The RCA Patient and Caregiver Advisory Group was also involved in the development of the pathways. 

Based on the feedback, the RCA’s Frail Seniors Task Group is making changes to ensure the pathways are practical and easy to use for frontline staff. Next steps for piloting and launch will be determined in winter 2019.

For more information, contact Gabrielle Sadler, Project Manager.