Health service providers (HSPs) across the province now have a road map to improve the care they provide to patients with hip fracture and primary hip and knee replacement. 

More than 100 organizations across all 14 LHINs participated in a self-assessment to determine how well their current care aligns with the best practices set out in the RCA’s best practice frameworks for hip fracture and primary hip and knee replacements. Assessments were conducted across the continuum of care, including pre-operative (TJR only), bedded, ambulatory, in-home and long-term care (hip fracture only).

Provincial results highlight QI opportunities

The assessment process provided each HSP with immediate feedback. In addition, the RCA collated and analyzed the results at a LHIN and provincial level. The analysis allows LHINs to compare their performance against the provincial average and provides insights to help LHINs and HSPs concentrate their quality improvement efforts. 

HSPs across the province showed strengths in delivering individual treatment interventions, engaging patients and caregivers, and providing care using dedicated interprofessional teams (with the exception of ambulatory care). However, the assessments also identified a number of areas for improvement, including providing standardized educational materials for patients/families, communicating across the continuum of care, and using validated performance and patient-reported outcome measures and risk assessment tools. 

The analysis also identified high performing organizations that are aligned or mostly aligned with the best practice guidelines. Ths RCA surveyed these organizations to gather strategies that could assist other HSPs in their quality improvement efforts.

Feedback from HSPs that conducted the self-assessments was overwhelmingly positive. Many indicated the process helped them develop QI goals and a number of organizations used the opportunity to include patients and caregivers in the assessment process.

For more information, contact Gabrielle Sadler, Project Manager.