Work is underway on a series of position papers to highlight innovative, cost-effective models of community-based rehab that improve client and system level outcomes.

The papers will profile models of community-based rehab in three settings — in-home, ambulatory and primary care — and will support decision-makers and providers across the province as they implement changes related to bundled care and OHTs.

Using evidence in the literature and in practice, the RCA will identify and evaluate models using the quadruple aim: better patient and caregiver experience, better health outcomes, better value and a better provider experience.

The RCA has brought together a committee of subject matter experts from across the province to guide this work. The group includes rehabilitative care professionals from a wide number of disciplines, LHIN representatives and researchers from the University of Toronto and University of Waterloo.

The papers will be completed in three stages: in-home (April 2020), ambulatory (November 2020) and primary care (September 2021).

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