The RCA’s experience supporting bundled care implementation has provided learnings that could strengthen the delivery of rehabilitative care in other integrated care models. That’s the message the secretariat shared with the Ministry of Health in a recent briefing note.

For the past two years, the RCA has worked closely with the Ministry’s bundled care implementation team and stakeholders across the province. That work included:

  • Collaborating with Ontario Health (Quality) to develop a best practices framework for patients with hip & knee replacement and a guideline on best practices for rehabilitative care following shoulder arthroplasty
  • Conducting a provincial proof of concept to test an ambulatory rehab data reporting system and supporting its implementation to obtain data for bundled care
  • Providing support to rehabilitative care service providers in the bundled care program through webinars and a knowledge exchange platform
  • Conducting two online surveys to collect input from bundle holders and bundle care partners in collaboration with Ontario Health (Quality).

Based on the survey results and work with the RCA’s Bundled Care Advisory Committee, the RCA recommends that future implementation of integrated care models (including Ontario Health Teams) include the following:

  • Ongoing provincial monitoring to ensure pricing is aligned with best practice guidelines and ensures access to quality care
  • Recognition of the unique needs and environment of rural and northern communities as part of the provincial pricing strategy
  • Provincial implementation of integrated digital tools that support or improve referral and discharge communication, outcome measurement collection and patient tracking— all with the goal of reducing administrative burden
  • Collection of patient and clinical reported outcomes to evaluate implementation.

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