The RCA’s latest rehabilitative care system performance report provides an assessment of rehabilitative care provided across the province.

The report analyzes data on 14 indicators (three priority performance indicators with benchmarks and 11 supplementary indicators). It found that many of the positive trends reported in the last three to five years were slightly reversed in 2019/20, but the change was minimal.

The report includes the following:

  • summary report, which provides a high-level overview of performance
  • performance scorecard with data presented graphically to show trends and regional variability
  • technical manual that provides substantial background, glossary of terms and indicator definitions.

The system performance report is available to all rehab care providers and planners in Ontario. For more information, please contact

Looking to the future

Over the last year, COVID-19 dramatically changed how rehab services are delivered. As a result, this report will serve as a baseline comparison in the years to come.

The RCA is currently reviewing the indicators and in the coming months will release an updated evaluation framework. The existing 14 indicators will be retained, but changes will be made to other indicators included in the framework to ensure the data being collected and measured reflects current system priorities. Work to revamp and revitalize the performance scorecard is also underway.