The RCA has released a new guidance document for rehab providers to help them evaluate the efficacy and quality of virtual rehabilitation.

As a result of the pandemic, many organizations are integrating virtual and hybrid models of rehabilitative care into their service delivery on a more permanent basis. Considerations for the Evaluation of Virtual Rehabilitation provides a framework for evaluation that providers can use to ensure their virtual or hybrid rehabilitative care is effective, efficient and producing the same or better outcomes as in-person models of rehabilitative care.

The document outlines outcome indicators, descriptive questions and suggested measurement tools in four domains:

  • Implementation outcomes: adoption, acceptability, feasibility/usefulness, technical quality of the platform
  • Quality outcomes: efficient, effective/appropriate, equitable, safe, patient-centred, timely
  • Patient/caregiver outcomes: patient-reported outcomes, patient-reported experience
  • Health system outcomes: health system utilization.

The guidance document was developed in consultation with ambulatory and community-based rehab providers from across the province. Patients and caregivers also provided input.

The guidance document is also available in French

For more information, please contact Sue Balogh, Project Manager.