The RCA has partnered with the Ontario Hospital Association to launch a new system performance dashboard in conjunction with the release of the RCA’s 2020/21 Rehabilitative Care System Performance Report.

The new dashboard uses the Tableau platform to provide stakeholders with easy access to the reported data and the ability to customize how it is viewed. Users can review data for the 14 performance indicators at a regional and sub-regional level and can assess performance against provincial benchmarks (for the three priority indicators) or against the provincial average (for the 11 supplementary indicators). Where data is available, users can also drill down to a facility level and compare an organization’s performance to other peer sites.

The shift from PowerBI to the Tableau platform streamlines access to the dashboard (previously known as the performance scorecard), allows more customization and improves the graphical presentation of data. During the development process, the RCA provided user groups with the opportunity to test the dashboard and provide feedback. The RCA’s System Evaluation Advisory Group also provided input on useability and validated the data.

Accessing the 2020/21 report and dashboard

The 2020/21 Rehabilitative Care System Performance Report consists of a summary report, the system performance dashboard and a technical manual. The dashboard is accessed through a secure portal on the Ontario Hospital Association website.

The RCA’s evaluation process and annual report on rehabilitative care across Ontario is designed to support evidence-based practice and system-wide improvement. Secretariat staff are available to help stakeholders use the new dashboard tool and consider how they might use the data to inform quality improvement initiatives.

For more information, please contact Katie Churchill, Project Manager at