A new white paper from the RCA provides health system decision-makers with recommendations to support the spread of innovative and cost-effective models of rehabilitative care in primary care. 

The paper is the final part of a four-part white paper, Community-Based Rehabilitation: Providing High-Value Rehabilitative Care in the Community, that explores the critical role that community-based rehabilitation plays in the Ontario health system.

Part 4: Rehabilitation in Primary Care provides examples of evidence-informed models for integrating rehabilitation into primary care and their outcomes, as well recommendations at a system and operational level to enable successful integration.

Strengthening primary care and OHTs

The Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine recommended that Ontario support patients and providers by ensuring effective primary care is the foundation of an integrated health care system. The Ontario Health Team model built on this recommendation with an emphasis on strong and meaningful partnerships with the primary care sector as one element of delivering better, faster and more coordinated patient-centred care. Integrating rehabilitation within primary care will further strengthen and enhance primary care and will help OHTs deliver on their promise of coordinated, patient-centred care.

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Community-Based Rehabilitation: Providing High-Value Rehabilitative Care in the Community

For more information on the white paper, please contact Gabrielle Sadler, Project Manager.