As part of its 2021/22 Rehabilitative Care System Performance  Report, the RCA recently released the results of its inaugural Rehabilitation Provider Experience Survey.

Conducted last fall, it was the first rehab-focused survey to understand rehab provider experience and inform a future provincial health human resources rehabilitative care strategy.  Respondents were asked key demographic information, as well as questions on a range of issues including equity, inclusion, stress and burnout.

While the results provide important insight into the unique experience of rehab professionals, the responses may not reflect the entire rehab workforce population and should be interpreted with caution. Through the ongoing work of the System Evaluation Task Group, specific indicators for Provider Experience under the Quintuple Aim have not yet been identified. The data shared in the summary report is thus not yet included in the system performance dashboard. Enhancements to the survey are currently being explored in preparation for its annual release in September 2023.

For more information, please contact Katie Churchill, Project Manager.