The RCA has now finalized guidance documents to help standardize specialized rehab care across Ontario for ten patient populations: acquired brain injury, amputee, burn, cardiovascular, complex trauma, oncology, pediatric, pulmonary, spinal cord injury and stroke.  Previously identified by the University of Toronto’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation group alongside the GTA Rehab Network, these populations require specialized care to best meet their specific needs.

Over the past year, the RCA’s Specialized Rehab Task Group has adapted guidelines created by the GTA Rehab Network to apply on a provincial level. Importantly, this work acknowledges the variation in availability of specialized services across Ontario.

As a next step, the task force is considering the parameters for integrating a “hub and spoke” model where large distances exist between a local community and specialized experts. This work will focus on defining the roles and responsibilities within the model.  It will also be informed by existing utilization data to identify gaps and understand patients’ current access to specialized rehab programs across the province.

While the provincial guidelines provide valuable guidance, the RCA will continue to explore the intersection between OHTs and specialized rehab in partnership with OHTs and Ontario Health.

For more information, please contact Sue Balogh, Project Manager.