In November, the RCA shared a briefing note on community-based rehabilitative care with our partners at the Ministry of Health and Ontario Health.  It included seven recommendations for action that, together, will help ensure rehabilitative care is truly leveraged to deliver optimal patient and system outcomes.

To support the operationalization of these recommendations, the RCA recently released Realizing the Potential of Community-Based Rehabilitative Care *, a companion resource for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). Designed to help OHTs integrate community-based rehab into their planning, the resource provides information and actionable recommendations to help address key challenges including access and flow, alternate level of care (ALC) rates and chronic disease management.

This resource includes critical insights, case studies of innovative community-based rehab programs and recommendations for providers to encourage the development and spread of standardized, integrated approaches to community rehabilitative care.

*French version also available.

For more information, please contact Gabrielle Sadler, Project Manager.