With tremendous support and guidance from the Rehab Care Standards Task Group, the RCA has updated the RCA Framework for Bedded Levels of Rehabilitative Care. First developed in 2014, the framework has been a foundational resource since its inception and aims to establish provincial standards for rehabilitative levels of care across the continuum; clarify the focus and clinical components of rehab for patients, families and referring professionals; and support system and local capacity planning through a common understanding of rehabilitative care.

This marks the first major refresh since the framework was developed and has come at an ideal time to revisit the existing definitions, given the rising patient complexity and system demands.

Changes include:

  • greater clarity on the definitions of “high” and “low” intensity rehab
  • revisions to reflect rehabilitative care in virtual, in-home and hospital settings
  • more prescriptive language to reflect the amount of therapy provided at each level of care

“The RCA was pleased to have incredible participation from the task group, with all regions across Ontario represented and the input of 72 members in this work,” says Charissa Levy, Executive Director. “Our final product was developed through a very rich discussion and consensus.”

The refreshed definitions have been rolled out for use by program planners and referring organizations as they strive to support the best possible care. The RCA is now working with Health System Performance and Support and the Ministry of Health to define new models of care (e.g., transitional care, reactivation care) in alignment with the RCA bedded levels of care.

For more information, please contact Sue Balogh, Project Manager.