The RCA has released its annual high-level assessment of rehabilitative care across Ontario. The 2022/23 Rehabilitative Care System Performance Report is designed to support evidence-based practice and system-wide improvement, with indicators addressing population health, patient experience, provider experience and value/efficiency.

Highlights include:

  • The impacts of labour force challenges. The 2022/23 reporting year was impacted by unprecedented workforce shortages. This reality is reflected in the data through changes to admission volumes and increased wait times across inpatient and in-home rehab.
  • New data. New this reporting year, data on the average length of stay (LOS) by rehab client group (RCG) for inpatient high-intensity rehab is available for both 2021/22 and 2022/23. The desire to monitor this data stemmed from an increased focus on rehab utilization following hip/knee arthroplasty and initial activities related to specialized rehab capacity planning.
  • Provider experience data. The RCA’s second Rehab Provider Experience Survey was available in September 2023 and a summary report has been created outlining employment demographics in addition to metrics on stress, burnout and moral distress. (Please note that this data is currently shared in the summary report but is not yet available on the dashboard.)

Accessing the 2022/23 report and dashboard

The dashboard can be accessed through a secure portal on the Ontario Hospital Association website. The 2022/23 Rehabilitative Care System Performance Report is part of an information package that includes:

  • a summary report that provides a high-level overview of performance and contextualizes system performance;
  • an interactive dashboard with graphics illustrating site and organizational data, trends and regional variability; and
  • technical manual that provides a substantial background, glossary of terms, indicator definitions and more.

Should you require support using the dashboard or its data to inform quality improvement initiatives, Secretariat staff are available to assist.

For more information, please contact Katie Churchill, Project Manager.