The Specialized Rehab Task Group continues to explore where specialized rehab programs/services currently exist, and where future inpatient and outpatient “hubs,” as well as local “spokes,” could ideally be located.

These efforts build upon previous and current activities to lay the foundation for a hub-and-spoke model, including the development of key principles for this model, confirmation of Ontario’s specialized rehab program inventory, analysis of utilization data on these programs/services, and alignment of the programs/services with key guiding principle criteria as outlined in the RCA’s Specialized Rehabilitation: Guidance for Ontario Health Teams.

While the RCA identified ten specialized rehab populations in an earlier phase (as summarized in the document above), at present the task group is finalizing the content of specialized rehab surveys in consultation with Amputee and Pulmonary Rehab working groups. These surveys will be disseminated this spring and the results, along with utilization data, will be used to help identify specialized hubs and spokes for these populations. The RCA will continue this work with the ABI population later this fall.

In tandem with these efforts, the RCA is also collaborating with CorHealth Ontario and other partners to plan for the implementation of specialized rehab models for heart failure and stroke populations. We continue to consult with both CorHealth Ontario and Ontario Health (OH) to raise awareness of our efforts and explore the potential for aligning and integrating the work with these and other OH and Ministry of Health initiatives.

For more information, please contact Sue Balogh, Project Manager.