A leading practice to implement direct access to rehab care, the RCA’s Direct Access Priority Process (DAPP) supports the early identification of individuals with restorative potential who require inpatient and/or community-based rehabilitative care. To help streamline the process, it facilitates referrals directly from the community or emergency department.

Last year the RCA released an updated DAPP outlining referral pathways to these rehab services.  It offers guidance on referrals to the appropriate level of rehabilitative care and outlines how to best assess an older adult’s change from baseline function, as well as determine their restorative potential.  In addition, the RCA’s Checklist to Rule Out Acute Causes of Functional Decline is available to assist providers in determining whether functional decline may be the result of an acute medical concern.

To test the efficacy of these tools and determine if further refinements are needed, the RCA is currently working with interested organizations to implement the DAPP. In addition, a DAPP Implementation Working Group has been convened to develop an implementation tool kit and evaluation framework.

For more information, please contact  Gabrielle Sadler, Project Manager.