Initiatives & Toolkits

The RCA supports the ongoing efforts of Ontario Health regions, Ontario Health Teams (OHTs), and health service providers to enhance outcomes for people receiving rehabilitative care while using health system resources more efficiently and effectively.

Rehabilitation is essential to integrated care and health system recovery. RCA initiatives provide regional bodies, OHTs and health service providers with guidance, tools and support to help them implement change. Initiatives include:

  • Advancing a rehab workforce strategy and prioritizing key strategies to support recruitment, retention and the rehab provider experience
  • Addressing the intersection between specialized rehab services and Ontario Health Teams (OHTs)
  • Implementing provincial standards for rehabilitative care programs
  • Preventing functional decline among older adults with frailty through implementation of the RCA/PGLO best practices framework
  • Preventing secondary falls among older adults with frailty through scale and spread of RCA post-fall pathways, including adaptation for community paramedics
  • Supporting implementation of bundled care, including standardized rehabilitative care best practices for patients following hip fracture, hip and knee replacement and shoulder arthroplasty
  • Supporting the spread of innovative models of community-based rehabilitative care
  • Informing system planning of provincial publicly funded COVID-19 outpatient rehab
  • Improving quality through the evaluation and reporting of rehabilitative care system performance data

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