Bedded Levels of Rehab

Bedded Levels of Rehab — TJR

Bedded Levels of Rehabilitation
TJR Framework


Addendum to the Rehabilitative Care Best Practice Framework in the Context of COVID-19

Includes the framework, referral decision tree, and process indicators for support performance monitoring and QBP-related outcomes.

Addendum includes additional evidence-based recommendations to the TJR Framework that align with current COVID-19 restrictions.

Quick Reference Guide – TJR Based on the full framework. Provides a concise summary of best practices to guide clinical practice in each setting.
Ontario Health Quality Quorum Bundled Care Community of Practice Community of Practice provides support for successful implementation of bundled care, including best practice resources and webinars.
Patient & Family Education Materials
Canada’s Food Guide Website outlining Canada’s Food Guide.
Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines Movement guidelines provide guidance on the optimal amount of physical activity and sleep for Canadians of all ages.
Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

Website for patients and caregivers to help them learn how to prepare for and recover from a hip or knee replacement, including videos and pre- and post-surgery booklets.
Ontario Health Quality Going Home From the Hospital Booklet reviews questions for patients and caregivers to ask the care team as they get ready to leave the hospital.
South West Healthline

Resources to prepare patients for what to expect before, during and after joint replacement surgery in the South West LHIN region of Ontario.
Transition Planning
GTA Rehab Network TJR Outpatient Rehab Process Maps Process maps include responsibilities for acute care and inpatient rehabilitation to support the smooth transition of patients to outpatient rehabilitation.
GTA Rehab Network Outpatient Rehab Referral for Hip/Knee/Shoulder Joint Replacement/Revision Outpatient rehab referral form includes pre-operative and post-operative referral processes.
Ontario Health Quality Transitions between Hospital and Home Quality Standard Quality standard based on evidence and expert consensus. Includes patient guide, getting started guide, case for improvement, data table and measurement guide.