RCA releases 2017/18 system performance report

The RCA has released its annual report on rehabilitative care in Ontario. The 2017/18 Rehabilitative Care System Performance Report reports on eleven indicators within the quality domains of access, safety, effectiveness and integration. Performance is reported against provincial benchmarks for three of the indicators: wait times for inpatient rehabilitative care, wait times for in-home rehabilitative […]

Self-assessments identify QI priorities

Health service providers (HSPs) across the province now have a road map to improve the care they provide to patients with hip fracture and primary hip and knee replacement.  More than 100 organizations across all 14 LHINs participated in a self-assessment to determine how well their current care aligns with the best practices set out […]

RCA releases 2017/18 Assess & Restore Report

The RCA has released its Assess & Restore 2017/18 Initiatives Summary. The report on 28 initiatives across 14 LHINs identifies key findings and successful strategies for improving outcomes for older adults.  The report also provides baseline data using the shared provincial indicators developed by the RCA this past year to support evaluation across all A&R […]

New pathway prevents functional decline and falls

The RCA and stakeholders across the province are developing clinical care pathways to help prevent functional decline for older adults who experience a fall. The new pathways will make it easier for primary care and emergency departments to connect patients to rehabilitative care to prevent further decline. It also complements the fall prevention work underway […]

Outpatient data tools continue to spread

With the help of the RCA, health service providers across the province are adopting three tools to report data on outpatient rehabilitative care. The rollout of these tools will play an important role in improving evaluation of and planning for community based rehabilitative care needs at the local, regional and system levels.  NACRS Clinic LiteThe […]

Capacity planning model captures future needs

The RCA has developed a simplified approach to capacity planning for LHINs based on the rehabilitative care needs of patients and best practice models of care. This marks the first time that needs-based capacity planning for rehabilitative care will be done in a standardized way across the province. The RCA is using a Health System […]

New provincial website will help public find rehab

A new website will soon make it easier for the public and health care professionals to find rehabilitative services in their area. The RCA has been working with thehealthline.ca to create a provincial website to help people find the rehab they need. The site, which is launching shortly, will provide general information about rehab and […]

Survey assesses uptake of definitions frameworks

A survey of LHINs and health service providers (HSPs) shows that significant progress has been made in implementing the RCA’s definitions frameworks for bedded and community rehabilitative care. Providers from 12 LHINs responded to the survey, which assessed implementation using a variety of indicators. While the survey results indicate work has been progressing well across […]

2016/17 scorecard to be released in early summer

The RCA has finalized its new scorecard for rehabilitative care and will use it to report 2016/17 performance data to the LHINs in the early summer, followed by 2017/18 data at the end of the year.  Last year, the RCA released its first annual rehabilitative care system performance report. Since then, the RCA has developed […]

RCA supports rollout of outpatient data tools

The RCA continues to support and expand the rollout of three tools that allow organizations to gather and report data on outpatient rehabilitative care. The three tools — NACRS Clinic Lite, Community Rehab Assessment and WatLX™ — were piloted provincially in 2017/18 as part of the RCA’s proof of concept for a standardized outpatient/ambulatory minimum data set […]