Survey to update data on COVID impact on capacity

A new RCA survey is gathering fresh data on the impact of the pandemic on rehab capacity in the community. The RCA first surveyed providers of publicly funded ambulatory and in-home rehabilitation in fall 2020 to gather data on rehab capacity during the first wave of the pandemic. The new, streamlined survey will capture data […]

RCA launches resource for hip fracture and TJR

The RCA has launched a centralized resource of tools and resources to support best practice rehabilitative care for hip fractures and total joint replacements. The extensive collection of hip fracture resources and total joint replacement resources provides easy access to evidence-based tools and resources that support best practice rehabilitative care for frail seniors with hip […]

RCA releases 2019/20 system performance report

The RCA’s latest rehabilitative care system performance report provides an assessment of rehabilitative care provided across the province. The report analyzes data on 14 indicators (three priority performance indicators with benchmarks and 11 supplementary indicators). It found that many of the positive trends reported in the last three to five years were slightly reversed in […]

Bundled care provides insights for other models

The RCA’s experience supporting bundled care implementation has provided learnings that could strengthen the delivery of rehabilitative care in other integrated care models. That’s the message the secretariat shared with the Ministry of Health in a recent briefing note. For the past two years, the RCA has worked closely with the Ministry’s bundled care implementation […]

RCA seeking patients/caregivers for advisory group

The RCA is seeking interested patients, caregivers and members of existing patient advisory groups from across the province to participate in the RCA Patient/Caregiver Advisory Group. Individuals who are receiving or have received rehabilitative services and their caregivers have a unique perspective on the health system, and the RCA values their insights on how to […]

Thank you and goodbye

The RCA is saying goodbye to Project Manager Rebecca Ho. Rebecca has been with the RCA for five years and provided key support to a number of our initiatives, including our annual rehabilitative care system performance reports, our provincial proof of concept of a data reporting system for outpatient/ambulatory rehab and our capacity planning work. […]